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Our Mission

Helping academics build sustainable, prosperous, impactful financial lives. 

Employees in the academic world have unique challenges to address when it comes to financial planning. We understand the nuances of your retirement plans, your work schedule and your institutions. We realize that your own finances take a back seat to the time you commit to your students, your research and all of the institutional demands that come with your job. We employ a simple core philosophy in our approach: 


We begin by getting your financial picture in order including understanding your cash flow and financial assets and any gaps that you may have in your plan.


We educate you on major components of financial planning and what options you have to meet your goals.


We help you identify what is most important to you and how best to achieve your goals.  


We prepare clear action steps and work with you to put the plan in place. When necessary, we will work with your tax and legal advisors to get things done.

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